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5 Snack Box

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  • Will my recipients have to pay anything when they order?

    As long as your recipients order the same box you’ve purchased for them, they won’t pay a single cent!

  • When will my recipients get their boxes?

    We’ll email a private coupon link to your recipients on the date you tell us. Once they’ve placed their order, we’ll ship out the snacks to their address within 2-3 days.

  • How long do recipients have to use their credit?

    All private coupon links are valid for 30 days after the email sending date you choose. That means everyone must order their snacks within 30 days of receiving their invitation email.

  • What happens if purchased credit doesn’t get used?

    I know, what’s more important than free snacks?! Any credit not used by a recipient within 30 days of receiving their invitation email gets returned to your customer account.