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How it works

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1. Choose your snacks

Build a box of 6, 10, or 20 Snacks.
Pick your favourites or let us Surprise you.

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2. Get your delivery

Kick back and take it easy.
We deliver straight to your doorstep.

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3. Get Snacking

Enjoy! Perfect for the trails, slopes or lazy Sundays.

Laid Back Snacks 6 box
tuscan road trip snack mix made of 70+ dark chocolate buttons, dried blueberries, dried cherries, roasted cashews, almonds

80% Fuel

20% Fun

We believe in the 80/20 rule of snacking: 80% wholesome goodness, 20% live a little. Snacks packed with real ingredients that are healthy and energizing with zero compromise on great taste.

Snacks for the climb

or the couch

Laid Back Snacks are equal parts adventure and chill

Raisin Laid Back Snacks
Cashew Laid Back Snacks
Walnut Laid Back Snacks
Chocolate Laid Back Snacks

Fun people we fuel

The Birds Papaya

Sarah Nicole L.

I’m really into Laid Back Snacks ‘Aloha Kauai’... oh my I don’t even share it with anybody, I just eat it out of the bag - SO good!

Holly Horvath Teach Me Style

Holly H.

I am absolutely addicted to Laid Back Snacks! I am never far from a stash... in my desk drawer (they have plenty of nut free options for school). My fiancé calls me the snack queen and he’s not wrong, but with Laid Back Snacks I feel good about what I’m eating!

Tori Wesszer Fraiche Living

Tori W.

Laid Back Snacks is one of my family’s favourite local brands, and I always have some on hand in my purse, car, and cupboard! Love the creative snack options that keep snacking fun, nutritious and so yummy!

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Breakfast Club of Canada

We’re a proud partner of the Breakfast Club of Canada, working together to make sure no child goes to school hungry. For every box we ship, we donate one snack to the Breakfast Club of Canada to help fuel kids’ potential.