Frequently Asked Questions


We pack four portions of goodness into each bag. Nutritional guidelines suggest that one portion of food is approximately one cupped handful. However, not all snack densities are created equal, so the grams per bag can vary. For example, our Orchard Apple Rings are lighter and larger in size, so four cupped handfuls fill the bag and weigh 100 grams. Wholesome Yogi is more densely packed, so four portions weigh 130 grams and don’t fill the bag.

All of our fantastic food is packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soybeans (soya), eggs, and sesame. Cross-contamination between ingredients is likely to occur. If you’re allergic to any of these items listed, then unfortunately we can't help at this time.

The Surprise-me algorithm is used to decide which snacks we send you every time you have a Surprise-me snack in your list. It works by eliminating snacks you have ordered in your last few boxes, then filtering by popularity and some other super-secret factors :). Our goal is for you to have a great time trying all of our snacks - let the algorithm do the work so you don’t have to!!

It sure is! You’ll be happy to know that your box is fully recyclable and so are the bags holding your delicious snacks. Be sure to drop them off at your nearest soft plastics recycling depot. And if you find yourself becoming a little attached to your beautiful box, then reuse it however you want. We’d love to see what you come up with, so be sure to post and share on your favourite social media channel!

Here are some ideas for upcycling your box.

Referrals are awesome and everyone wins! Log into your account through the ‘Account Login’ tab and you’ll see your personal friend code on the bottom left corner of the screen. Share your code through email or on social media and enjoy getting paid in store credit. Refer enough people and you’ll get free snacks for life!

Everyone who signs up using your friend code will get 20% off of their first order and you’ll get the same amount discounted from your next renewal order!

If you don’t see the credits immediately, don’t worry, they’re on their way! Credits are awarded after your friend’s order ships out.

Plans & gifts

You can easily update, pause, or cancel your orders at any time through your ‘Account Login’ page after you login. Just head on over to the ‘Snack plan’ tab to see the options.

To change your plan delivery schedule and/or box size:
Step 1: Log into your account through ‘Account Login’.
Step 2: Select the ‘Snack Plan’ tab.
Step 3: Find the active plan you’d like to change and click the ‘Change Snack Plan’ button.
Step 4: Select the box size you want and your new delivery schedule.
Step 5: Choose what day you want the first order in your shiny new plan to be created and charged to your card, and we’ll take care of the rest.

With plenty of snacking options to enjoy we want to make sure the choice is 100% yours:

Step 1: Log into your account through ‘Account Login’.
Step 2: Select the ‘Snack Plan’ tab.
Step 3: Find the active plan you’d like to change and click the ‘Choose Snacks’ button.
Step 4: On the right side of your screen, you can easily remove any of your selections using the minus sign next to each snack, and replace them with others that you prefer. Remember to fill your list right up. Any empty spaces will be treated as ‘Surprise-me’ selections.
Step 5: Click ‘Update’ to save your selections and we’ll take care of the rest!

Remember, you can keep updating your snack selections right up until your box has shipped. If the order status in your account says ‘Received’ then keep updating. When it says ‘Completed’ then that means it’s already shipped.

Snack plans create orders. Your first order is placed when you setup your plan by choosing your box size and delivery frequency. From there your plan will create orders based on the frequency you chose. If you chose monthly orders, then your plan will create orders for you on the same day each month. You'll receive an email from us before each order reminding you to choose the snacks you'd like to receive in your next box. The snack selection process for future orders happens through your account screen.

The ‘Send my next box now’ button is for when you want your next box of snacks to be sent right away! Our system immediately creates an order and we get to work preparing the snacks for you. Your card will be charged your normal renewal amount, and your plan schedule will be reset starting from that day.

Coupon use is available for all snack plan purchases to encourage ongoing relationships with our customers. Subscribe and save, is our motto! Gift box purchases are either single boxes or only in 3 month terms, so we unfortunately don’t allow coupons for these orders.


Enjoy FREE and fast delivery for those ordering 10 or 20 bags at a time. Delivery for 6 snack plans is free to most areas, except for a few far flung places that are expensive to reach. In these situations, we’ll ask for a shipping fee at checkout to help get your snacks to you.

We ship all across the great continent of North America with Canada Post and USPS! Any address that can receive mail via your regular delivery network can receive a Laid Back Snacks box. If you’re not likely to be home during the day, then delivery to work or your usual daytime location is recommended.

Once your order is handed off to our shipping partners, we'll send you an email with the tracking link so you can follow your order! Your tracking number will become active within 12 hours.

Don't worry! It can take up to 12 hours for it to become active from when you receive the shipping notification. Also, sometimes our shipping partner issues duplicate numbers for orders and one becomes void. Reach out to us if you experience this and we'll help you out!