It’s no surprise that January is all about renewal and goal setting. The online world is trending with articles about detoxing, cleansing, and of course the word that started it all: resolutions. While self-improvement is a noble aim, overly ambitious goals can often do more harm than good. That’s why we’re proposing a resolution remix!

2015 Resolutions

Evidence shows that just 8% of people keep their New Year’s Resolutions. In the spirit of setting goals that are realistic and can be achieved, the Naked Snacks team suggests making 2015 a year for anti-resolutions.

Anti-resolutions involve celebrating our current successes, achievements, and totally awesome things that we don’t need to change. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the stairs or sending your Mom another “Just saying hi” text, all of these little things deserve a personal high five!

Weight-loss and healthy eating are among the most popular resolutions come January. So instead of vowing never to eat another carb in 2015, how about celebrating the fact that you ate 3 servings of fruit yesterday, ordered a salad instead of fries, or snacked on Wholesome Yogi at your desk instead of the doughnuts sitting in the lunchroom? Sounds pretty great to us. Kudos!

healthy snack

Putting pressure on ourselves to be “perfect” often results in undeserved stress. One indulgent meal or a missed workout can easily lead to a spiral of negative self-talk, and who needs that? Resolutions are supposed to make us feel positive about the year ahead!

Instead, let’s celebrate the New Year with an acceptance of our selves and the reassurance that just wanting to be where we are is enough. This year we intend to keep working hard at the things we care about, love the process, do the best we can, give back whenever possible, and always leave room for a little indulgence.


Happy New Year everyone here’s to the best year yet!

Photo Sources: WeHeartIt