In 2020, back to school season means learning how to homeschool. If you’re taking the homeschool route, you’ll quickly find that it is challenging but has many positive aspects like flexibility. The rigidity and routine largely necessary at a community school do not have to apply. You and you children can set up a schedule that reflects your needs, and you can take breaks and have a snack on your terms instead of waiting for a bell to ring.

These basic steps will help you build a foundation for successful homeschooling.

Step 1: Select a Homeschooling Method and Curriculum

Many school districts are supporting families with online homeschool. This resource will largely give you what you need, but you may certainly adopt your own program and curriculum as long as it meets provincial educational standards. You’ll have plenty of information to sift through about homeschooling methods, which include relaxed, traditional, Montessori, and Waldorf. Choose one that fits your kid’s personality and learning style.

Step 2: Designate Learning Spaces

If possible, establish an area of the home as your classroom for online homeschool. Store the necessary supplies here and perform most lessons in this location.

Step 3: Make a Schedule

To avoid procrastination, map out a schedule that determines when each subject is taught. Consult your kids as you make this schedule. Their buy-in could keep everyone on track. Front-loading the schedule with the subjects that your child struggles with could prove productive. The child will have a fresh mind each day for the subject and can be rewarded afterword with more preferred activities.

Step 4: Keep Each Other Accountable

From the onset, make an agreement with your kids that everyone needs to do their parts. Incorrect assignments need to be fixed. Lessons should be fully completed. Follow the schedule whenever possible. As a parent, agree that you will meet your obligations to teach and help.

Step 5: Cultivate a Support Network

Learning how to homeschool will be a work in progress, and homeschooling groups make it easier. Homeschooling parents share educational materials, organize field trips, and trade teaching duties. A support network alleviates the sense of isolation and expands your ability to educate effectively.

Back to school may mean homeschool right now. Regardless of the venue, learning requires refuelling the brain regularly. Laid Back Snacks has nutritious snacks that reward hard workers. Treat yourself today.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash