Black History Month is a fantastic time to not only learn about Black history and culture but also to find out more about the Black-owned businesses in your local community.

To show your support during the month of February, here are 9 Black-owned businesses from Canada to check out. For a more comprehensive list of Black-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurs across Canada and the US, visit Afrobiz.

 1. CurlShoppe

This is a BIPOC, a woman-owned brand that crafts all-natural hair care for curlies of all shapes. Wavies, curlies, kinky-curlies and coilies can all find a haircare routine that nourishes their curls. We highly recommend checking out their website, as you can shop their product by the type of curls you have (how amazing is it?!), as well as their offer a variety of products for men’s hair care and beard care.

2. Skin Drama


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Healthy, glowing skin is always in style. Skin Drama is a small, women of colour owned business that formulates organic, cruelty-free skincare that brightens, hydrates and protects the full spectrum of skin tones. With just 5 core skincare products, it is easy to create a skincare routine that will be simple and effective.

3. Enarmoured


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This Toronto-based jewelry shop is the work of Jordan Clarke. If you’re looking for unique statement pieces, this is a perfect chance to support a Canadian WOC-owned business.

4. Apprenti Or’ganik

Apprenti Or’ganik’s tagline is, “From the Earth to your skin.” All of their therapeutic body care products are made in Montreal. They are elegantly crafted with organic ingredients and all-natural aromatherapy scents to soothe your senses.

Alexe, the founder of Apprenti Or’ganik started making her own skincare products to remove all the toxins and synthetic ingredients from her body and her house and transition to only natural, non-harmful products. To read more about Alexe’s journey, click here.

5. Bailly Fragrance


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Perfume is a highly personal experience, and Bailly Fragrance understands that. The brand is founded on the principles of authenticity, women empowerment, inclusivity and impact, and each of their handcrafted scents reflects these values. The fragrance industry has often depicted women as one-dimensional – feminine, fragile and fanciful. Bailly Fragrance understands that women are multi-faceted, diverse and defying expectations. From the products that they create to the causes that they support, they aim to tell those stories and to elevate women who have felt excluded from the beauty industry.

6. Kaela Kay


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Kaela Kay is an authentic African-inspired clothing line that features bold, eclectic designs for women who want to show off their confidence and unique sense of style. The brand is size-inclusive and even offers children’s clothing as well. If you prefer shopping offline, we highly recommend visiting their beautiful Toronto boutique.

7. Selfish Swimwear


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This Black-owned swimwear brand is body-positive, age-inclusive and environmentally friendly. Naomie Caron, the designer of Selfish Swimwear, always thought there is a better way of doing fashion. All of their clothing is made from recycled fibres and features cutting-edge designs.

8. Batiqua


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Batiqua is a uniquely beautiful interior accessories brand located in Vancouver BC. It was founded as a fair-trade business that employs Zimbabwean artisans to handcraft gorgeous textiles and accents for the home.

9. Sunday Afternoon 

No Black-owned business roundup would be complete without a local vintage shop. Sunday Afternoon delivers a weekly curation of vintage clothing, accessories and home decor every Sunday afternoon, so if you’re in search of a one-of-a-kind piece, be sure to check them out.

Explore More Black-Owned Retailers

Our roundup highlights 9 great brands, but there are so many more. Take some time to explore some new retailers this month, and help to amplify the amazing talent that can be found in BIPOC brands.



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Feature Photo by Kelly Fournier on Unsplash