Valentine’s Day is one of the best times of year to get your significant other a special gift. If you’re tired of giving just flowers or chocolates, there are other tokens of affection that can make the perfect romantic gifts. Any of these five Valentine’s Day gift alternatives are sure to make the special person in your life smile.

Gift Box

Giving your significant other Valentine’s gift box can help brighten their day. You can choose to get a gift box that features cookies, gourmet cheeses or flavorful teas (like the one from Amoda) from around the world. A snack gift box may be ideal if your significant other is the health-conscious type. Check out Laid Back Snacks gift boxes with over 30 snacks to choose from! You can just place an order online with a customized note and we’ll handle everything else for you.


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Helicopter Tour

If you and your significant other are looking for fun things to do on Valentine’s Day, you can book a helicopter tour to enjoy some romance in the sky. During your tour, you might get the chance to see your city from above along with other spectacular features that will leave you both spellbound. Along with being one of the most fun things to do on Valentine’s Day, a helicopter tour will give the two of you more sense of adventure and a better way to bond.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Card

Yes, even thoughtful Valentine’s cards can make great gifts if they have all the right touches. You can have a greeting card personalized to include pictures of the two of you together along with personalized messages that will warm your special someone’s heart. You might also choose to inscribe the card with a few lyrics from a special song. Thoughtful Valentine’s cards that additionally include images of hearts, cupids or other classic romantic symbols can help increase the love factor. We highly recommend checking out LoveBook!


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Mini Heart Waffle Maker

These special waffle makers make cute Valentine’s gifts. By pouring some batter into the waffle maker, a mini waffle that’s in the shape of a heart can be made and ready to eat in almost no time. One of these waffle makers can be the perfect Valentine’s gift if your significant other is a fan of breakfast foods. Check out this Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker at Bed Bath & Beyond.


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Matching PJs

Matching PJs are also among the best options for cute Valentine’s gifts if you’re looking for something different and a little more intimate. Romantic matching PJs are available in men’s and women’s sizes and styles and often feature images of hearts or other symbols of love. You might also find matching PJ sets that feature images of favourite animated characters or other icons that you both enjoy.

The alternative to PJs would be rompers! And of course, our favourite rompers are from Smash + Tess! Perfect for the date night in and a Galentine’s night with your bestie.


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No matter what your significant other’s interests may be, any of these options could make the perfect Valentine’s gift. By putting in the extra effort to do something different this year, you can make this Valentine’s Day one that’s worth remembering for the two of you.