Gut health has become a wellness trend in recent years, but the truth is that it’s an issue that affects more than just your digestion

Everyone has what’s known as a “gut microbiome,” which just means that there are millions of bacteria living in your gut. Most of them are good, and they help your body digest food, absorb nutrients and perform at its best. However, some “bad” bacteria can cause digestive issues, mood problems and general unwellness if there’s an overabundance of them. We need both the “good” and “bad” bacteria for optimal health, but it’s crucial to have the right balance.

When your gut is healthy, the good bacteria far outnumber the “bad,” and you feel better. One of the best ways to improve gut health is with probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria and yeasts that your gut needs more of. You can get these through certain foods or vitamin supplements for gut health.

Below are four foods that can help improve your gut health.


Kombucha is a black or green tea that has been fermented with good bacteria. It comes in a variety of flavours, and it has many purported health benefits in addition to its probiotics. Brands like Hoochy Boochy and Tality Kombucha are a great place to start.


Yogurt is one of the best sources of probiotics, especially if it says it contains live or active cultures. This means that it has the live, friendly bacteria that your gut needs.

Certain types of yogurt are better for improving gut health than others. Skyr, Greek yogurt and probiotic-enriched yogurts are great options. Kefir is a fermented yogurt drink that will add more good bacteria to your gut too.

Fun fact, Wholesome Yogi and Protein Power-up both have yogurt chips which is the fun way to incorporate more probiotics into your everyday snacking.

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Fermented Soybean Products

Natto and miso are two forms of fermented soybeans that are delicious and
nutritious sources of healthy gut bacteria. Natto is high in protein and vitamin K, and miso seasoning is an excellent source of fibre and protein.


Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage dish that is sour, salty and excellent when paired with savoury dishes. It is packed with probiotics, fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well. Sauerkraut can be somewhat of an acquired taste, but its health benefits make it worthwhile. Be sure to choose unpasteurized or raw sauerkraut because pasteurization kills the active bacteria cultures.

Improve Your Gut and Immune System

Signs of bad gut health include fatigue, digestive issues, mood disorders and skin irritation. Adding probiotic-rich foods is a great way to heal your gut microbiome and feel better.