When it comes to getting dinner on the table during the week, creativity may not rank very high on the list of priorities. We toootally get it. It’s a good day when the food hits the plate before the hanger sets in.

But on days when you have a bit of extra time, it can be fun to switch things up – especially with little ones in the house. Smiley-faced everything for the win!

So this spring break (or whenever, really) try a few of these fun, kid-friendly ways to get creative in the kitchen…

Cute snacks with puzzle shaped fruits, pretzels, pistachio nuts, and cookies in a muffin tin

Go cookie cutter crazy

Despite their name, they’re not just for cookies. Have fun making shapes out of different foods like bananas, watermelon, toast, cheese or pancakes. Unique shapes and colours make everyone’s day a little brighter, especially if that someone is still learning their ABCs.

Omelettes with tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms made in muffin tins

Build your own brekky

Muffin tin omelettes are a great grab-and-go breakfast and an easy way to get the kids involved in cooking. Set out an array of toppings like ham, tomatoes, spinach or mushrooms and get creative with the combos. Not into savoury? Try creating your own breakfast skewers from a mix of berries and chopped fruit. Assembling is an easy task for little hands!

A colourful yogurt bowl with raspberries, dragonfruit and blueberries

Channel your inner artist

What’s more fun than art you can eat! Use yogurt or pancakes as your canvas and think beyond the smiley face. Berries and kiwi make a colourful flower garden or see if you can spell your name using nuts or raisins. There are all kinds of tasty, textured toppings to try.

Kid playing with rainbow coloured playdough

Make homemade playdough

This one’s a kitchen adventure that’s not meant for eating, but it can be just as fun! Homemade playdough is actually fairly simple to make – all you need is a few basic ingredients like flour, salt and cream of tartar – and can lead to hours of imaginative fun. Give it a Google, find a recipe you like and enjoy a bit of downtime while the kiddies flex their sculpting skills.

Tic tac toe graham crackers activity

Play with your food

We know, we know – you were told not to do this as a kid. But if it provides a bit of entertainment, why not! Try this tic tac toe activity by Keisha from Loving Littles Blog using graham crackers as the playing boards and penny candy (or Morning Bestie) as the game pieces..

Wicker basket of bags of naked snacks

Here’s another tip for surviving Spring Break this year: stock up on snacks! Try a box of 10 or 20 to keep the adventures flowing and the meltdowns at bay. You can even have the kids pick them out with you, that way there’s something for everyone.

Photo Credits: Puzzle Food (anotherlunch.com), Tic Tac Toe (Loving Littles Blog), Basket of Snacks (Riverside Photography)