If we had to make a list of what brings us joy each day, it would look a little something like this: food, family, food, health, food, fitness, food and friends. Oh, did we mention food? Clearly we’re passionate about what we eat. After all, food is an expression of love, a source of survival, and a pleasure we get to indulge in daily. So why not make every bite downright delicious?

We are truly our happiest when we’re eating and sharing nourishing, wholesome eats with our favourite peeps, which is what caused us to start Naked Snacks (now Laid Back Snacks) in the first place. It’s been almost a year since we launched (time flies!), and we’ve loved every single minute of it. We’ve loved interacting with our IG’ers and Facebook community, and especially hearing from you about how we can serve you better.


Well, we want you, our wonderful customers, to know that we’ve heard all the feedback and starting next month, will be giving you EXACTLY what you’ve asked for:

  1. Snack self-selection instead of our Chef curating the order
  2. We want more! More product varieties to choose from than the 25+ online
  3. New products must include nut-free, gluten-free and vegan snacks for those with dietary preferences.

To help us bring these changes to life we launched our Kickstarter Campaign two weeks ago. To our surprise, and through your incredible generosity, we raised over $10,000 in just three days!

With the funds raised from this campaign, we’ll be able to deliver the changes that you’ve asked for time and again. Specifically, we’ll get working on the following three things:

  1. Updating the website to enable personalized snacks selection
  2. Developing new products in line with your special requests
  3. Securing the space we need to carry the new products

All of the people who have been involved in building Naked Snacks to the company it is today will be involved in bringing this project to life. We’re ready to get delivering on our promise to you!


We can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone who has pledged to our campaign. Not only does this show us you believe in our company, but it also demonstrations how much Canadians care about healthy snacking and supporting small businesses like ours.

So with just two weeks left to go of the #kickstartNS campaign, we’re raising the stakes by offering some VERY special rewards:

  • At $12,500 raised, we’ll add a special sixth snack to EVERY box shipped in this campaign
  • At $15,000 raised, we’ll donate 20 boxes on your behalf to Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver on Boxing Day, to help the homeless enjoy their Holidays a little more 
  • At $20,000 raised we’ll ship an extra box to EVERY person who purchased a box through this campaign. Yes, that means you!


You can help us achieve our goals by emailing this link to friends you think would enjoy our delicious products, and sharing this page far and wide on Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #kickstartNS.

From all of us at Naked Snacks (now Laid Back Snacks), we can’t thank you enough!