You may enjoy the benefits of a ketogenic diet, but you can certainly expand your snacking options. As many packaged snack foods are too high in carbohydrates to be keto-friendly, you can choose to make low carb snacks at home.

But homemade snacks aren’t your sole option. In recent years, with the popularity of the keto diet, food manufacturers have noticed the increased demand for keto snacks for people who need low carb snacks on the go! As you explore your different homemade ideas or packaged food options, here are some great low or zero carb snack choices to consider.

1. Nuts

Nuts satisfy between meal hunger pains with plenty of fat and protein. Some nuts have more carbohydrates than others, but most qualify as excellent keto diet low carb foods. Of all the nuts, macadamia nuts have the highest ratio of fat and protein to carbs. Another delicious nut choice is the pistachio. Per serving, pistachios have double the fat and protein compared to carbs. Eat them plain or try flavoured pistachios, like our cracked pepper pistachios.

A bag of cracked pepper pistachios snacks from naked snacks

2. Hard-boiled eggs

You’ll get about 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat from a single, large egg. Our favourite way to eat one is with a sprinkle of salt or make a keto-friendly egg salad sandwich. Just replace mayonnaise with mashed avocado and wrap it in lettuce for a delicious and satisfying meal.

3. Flax Seed Crackers With Cheese

High amounts of omega-3 fats in flax seeds make them an appropriate ingredient for crackers that won’t bust your carbohydrate budget for the day. When you really want something crunchy, reach for flax crackers. Put slices of cheese on them to build a high-fat, high-protein snack.

4. Select Trail Mixes

A trail mix could be a good or terrible choice for keto dieters, depending on its contents. Avoid mixes with crackers, sugar-coated candies, or dried fruit. All of those items will be high in carbs. But don’t lose hope. Our Ginger Staycation mix is a great keto snack option because it contains nuts, ginger, and small pieces of dark chocolate (to still bring a little bit of sweetness into your life).

Ginger staycation snack mix from naked snacks, held next to a piece of ginger

In modest quantities, low-sugar, high cacao dark chocolate won’t undermine your keto diet.

5. Meat and Cheese Rolls

Roll up some sliced meat or salami with sliced cheese to make a snack with almost zero carbs. You can add some plant-based food if you like by rolling in some leaf lettuce or sliced olives.

Start your ketogenic journey or continue your diet by exploring these keto friendly junk food alternatives! They will help you overcome those carb cravings that make you want unhealthy treats.